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Sterre is 14 years old (14-6-2004)

Pure Emotion

Sterre was 7 years old when she heard classical music playing at the background. Suddenly a tear fell over her cheeck. Her little friend looked at her.. Untill Sterre softly said:"Do you also love this music so much?.."  

 Soon an update on this biography; a Lot has happened since 2016!

With her Heart

Sterre was discovered as a gifted vocal talent by soprano Karin ten Cate. With respect for the young age of Sterre, Karin organised playful and joyful singing lessons. In the beginning Sterre mainly sang beautiful children songs like Sakura, Viva la Musica and Lullaby my sweet little baby. Sterre also composed her own little songs for example about her cat. It didn't take long though for Sterre asking for different repertoire. She was 9 years old when she actively asked for Opera, Mozart and Bach. Karin ten Cate guides Sterre on her musical way. And most important, she does this with her heart. 

Oratorium Choir

At the age of 8 Sterre joined an Oratorium Choir for children. Sterre enjoyed the surroundings and loved to listen to the older children. Conductor Paul Waerts allows small children to enjoy the choir in their own way. When Sterre started to sing along, she learned to sing Mozart and Bach. At the age of 9, she sang solo in a little church leaving the audience astonished;

where did thát voice 'suddenly' come from? In 2016, after having sung the Matthaeus Passion for the third time, Sterre said goodbye to this choir.


National Choir

In 2013 Sterre did audition for the National Children Choir for Vocally Tanlented Children in The Netherlands. She received the compliment being "a divers singer with an enormous drive". Famous and well-known Conductors and Composers work with this choir. Sterre still attends this choir. The children have  fun together!


SOLO Sterre

The professionals that guide Sterre in her solo musical way have all attented the Conservatoir. They take care of Sterre's voice and technical education. These persons are soprano Karin ten Cate (weekly) and Deborah Pardy (monthly). Deborah studied in Canada, England and Japan and was vocal coach of the English National Opera. Well known Pianist Iris Hond is producer of Sterre's first EP.

Sterre's professional teachers hear the power and allround musical talent of Sterre's strong singing voice. Sterre reads music from paper, her technique is exceptional for her age and she always uses her own voice.  


loves Stage

and her

Musical Talent gets Stronger each Day


Sterre is 10 YEARS OLD and sings Ave Maria of Caccini; "Superkids John de Mol"