music gives happiness



Sterre is 14 years old



  • Classical
  • Opera
  • Musical
  • Light Music


Solo, Duet, Ensemble & Choir 

  • Sterre sings in different languages, f.e. Latin, German, French, English, Dutch, Spanish and Tsjech.
  • At the age of 7 Sterre got weekly a 1 hour Solo Singing lesson of Soprano Karin ten Cate. At the age of 9 Sterre got an education at the National Children Choir of Wilma ten Wolde for 3 years by attending weekly 1,5 hours Choir singing & ensemble singing & solfège. At 11 Sterre joyned 2 monthly lessons at Correpetitor Deborah Pardy (also vocal coach) with whom Sterre practices her concert repertoire. At the age of 13 (in 2018) Sterre got a special ticket to the Conservatory based on her uncommon singing skills at her age; Sterre will receive Classical Singing lessons of Vocal Professor Sasja Hunnego, starting in September 2018. Sasja is one of the most leading vocal pedagogues in our country and worked with Maria Fiselier, Gulnara Shafigullina, Barbara Kozelj, Louise Kwong and more. All teachers that worked and will work with Sterre are all experts who studied at the Conservatory.